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Electric Scooter

8 inch skateboard foldable mini scooter with display

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Material: aluminum alloy

The weight of 4.0ah is 10kg, with a range of 10km

Folding size: 16cm*55cm*114cm

Expansion size: 1054mm*436mm*1150mm

Outer box size: 1170mm*225mm*335mm

Maximum load: 120KG

Net weight of the whole machine: the first 8 and the second 6:9.8 kg

Net weight of the whole machine: 8 before and 8 after 8:10.8kg

Package quality: 13KG

Applicable age: 16 -50 years old

Top speed: 25KM/H (60KG load)

Low speed: 12KM/H (load: 60KG)

Maximum climb: approx. 25 degrees

Rated voltage: 36V

Charging input voltage: 42V

Applicable terrain: hardened pavement, asphalt pavement, less than 25 degrees road

Motor power: 300W

Rated input voltage: 110v-240v

Rated output voltage: 42V

Rated power: 2A

Charging time: about 4h-6h

Packing items: body, charger, instruction manual

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QQ: 251550439

Phone: +86 18165777414

Tel: +86 18165777414


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